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                       Public Notice

The Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office is committed to the health and safety of our community, our
dedicated staff, and the members of the public who visit our offices on a daily basis.  The COVID-19 virus has
created unprecedented circumstances around the world, and we have a responsibility to mitigate the spread of
this illness.  During this pandemic we recognize the vital importance of protecting the integrity of our water
treatment system and drinking water supply and distribution, and therefore have implemented the following protocols. 

Effective Noon on Tuesday, March 17th, public access to Genesee County Drain Commissioner Offices will be restricted. 

The following restrictions are currently in place for our Beecher Road Administration Offices:

1.       Anyone who typically interacts with our office in person is requested to do so by phone, email, or online. 

2.       If applications and paperwork cannot be emailed, our administration offices will have a drop box available. 

3.       Anyone entering our facility (by appointment only) will be subject to a temperature check and screening, to ensure the safety and public health   of others.        


 Please Note:  Our Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment facilities are completely closed to the public.

These restrictions will remain in place until further notice.  Our office remains committed to ensuring uninterrupted
services, especially as it relates to water supply.  This is imperative as our community uses our water supply for
sanitation purposes in a multitude of ways.  We thank the public for their understanding and cooperation, as we
follow federal, state, and county directives.

These procedures apply to both the Water and Waste Services (WWS) and Surface Water Management (SWM)
Divisions of the Genesee County Drain Commissioner’s Office.

Water and Waste Services (WWS) can be reached at 810-732-7870 or gcdcwws.com

Surface Water Management (SWM) can be reached at 810-732-1590 or gcdcswm.com

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