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Genesee County Drain Commissioner

Surface Water Management

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Design Information


Date Effective 6/1/2018.   NEW Design Parameters (examples on last page were clarified in 2019)

                    90 Percent Non-Exceedance storm memo for Requirement A
                    Rainfall Frequency Atlas of the Midwest for Requirement B
                    MDEQ spreadsheet to assist w/ calcs for Requirement B
                    Low impact Development Manual by SEMCOG


Permit: Whenever any work is to be done to a county drain a permit is required. 


Contract Documents: Beginning June 1, 2006 the contract books will no longer include the General Conditions (90 kb) and our Standard Specifications (441 kb).  Either can be printed here for free.  For a $5.00 fee, written copies can be provided upon request.  Also all work done for GCDC-SWM must comply with SESC manual for GCDC-SWM projects.  Version March 2007


Checklist for Public Storm: Before any storm can be dedicated to this office and made public, all the items on our Checklist for Public Storm must be complete.   NOTE: there has been a change to the requirements for sites submitted for dedication effective May 1, 2006.


Bag Headwall Detail


Stand Pipe Detail:  Suggested detail for stand pipe.


Tap-In Detail:  Suggested detail for tapping into a GCDC storm sewer pipe.


MDOT R086D detail- Concrete Pipe End Section


Pond Review: to review a individual pond for construction, a drawing with the following items is needed.

                                        8  x  11 or  8 x 14 paper drawing
                    Property drawing with dimensions
                    Approximate location & size of permanent structures
                    Location & size of pond
                    Detail of what will be done with spoil pile (dirt)

                   Show where the water will flow when pond is full
                    Property location to nearest crossroads
                    Owners name, address, phone number
                    North arrow


Note: approval from this office does not waive any requirements from other Governmental Agencies.